What to wear to travel?


Packing for that much awaited trip? The travel of course is going to be exciting but the pictures are going to stay forever ­čśë So, here we are to give you just that, travel dresses for you. You cannot just pick and stuff anything in that travel backpack. You are supposed to look good and also feel good. Something which is both great looking on the outside and comfortable in the inside. Don’t stress yourself over that sentence, cause we have your back. We have done the shopping research for you.

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So let’s start packing your perfect bag by giving you the best┬átravel dresses for that holiday.

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Shorts are perfect for places like beaches and the like where you need to be exposed to a lot of good whether. This pair of off shoulder top and shorts goes best for such an occasion. You can also carry this with a hat in case there is a lot of sun exposure around.

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A short lace dress too can be a good option to pack in your travel bag. This is something you can carry while shopping, exploring or just plain wandering. Wear it with heels or flats or whatever suits and you are good to go.

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Are you an ethno-mad? That’s our word. If you are one of those girls who love adding that little ethnic touch to almost every occasion, this look is for you. An ethnic midi which can also be carried as a kurti is one thing you can stuff between your travel dresses if you would like to keep it ethnic during the trip. Carry a pair of ethnic earrings, bangles, neck around or even anklets and it will give you the perfect amalgamation of ethnicity plus comfort.

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If you have been following Gethatlook, you would know that you are encountering this look another time. See What to wear in Goa? to know more. So this knotted up top with a short short skirt is another cool option you can stuff in your packing in case beaches , specifically goa rank high on your travel list.

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This is a “must have in your bag” look. A loose simple checker shirt is something you can go back to after hours of tripping and going places. It is loose, comforting and relaxing to its core. So you can basically relax in style! Yes, that’s what we are here for.

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You need to stuff in a lot of loose clothes while travelling to varying places as there is going to be a lot of movement all that while which will certainly restrict you to tighten yourself up with those clingy outfits. Of course they are hot but you will die to be comfortable out there. Trust us. And you don’t even have to compromise on that part. Be hot plus comfortable that’s what we want. So this cold shoulder loose balloon top paired up with a black long skirt is airy and also stylish. Carry this with the right amount of grace and walk like a pro.

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A light polka dots mini dress is the commonest thing you can count on among your travel dresses. It is something very generic and cool. A happy outfit to choose. Wear it with heels and a short denim jacket and you are sorted.

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