What to wear to a College farewell?


So finally you are on the last of that super cool journey. And you have been excited about this big day since you entered the campus,Of course the emotions are very much there, but your excitement for that amazing saree look is souring high.Trust us, we just won’t let you mess your entire excitement by carrying the wrong look. That’s what we are here for.

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So let’s begin exploring the 10 best College-farewell looks we have got for you.

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Elegance at its level best. A completely covered saree look, yet beautiful and elegant. A boat-neck floral blouse gives a youthful appearance to the entire look.Over that the transparent and floral saree drape gives the rest of the perfection. Just a pair of earrings is enough to make your look complete.

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Love it or hate it, but, the obsession every girl had for this saree when the song came out has been immense. No one can deny how every girl alive, irrespective of the age wanted to drape this look once in their life. What if we told you your dream has come true? The time has finally come and you can actually realize yourself in this saree out of your dreams.

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So you have been working really hard to get that perfect shape obviously to get that perfect drape and most importantly to expose a little bit here and there 😉 . How can you cover yourself completely. Don’t worry we have got this too covered which doesn’t makes you so covered 😀 .

So in case the above is true to its best, you can blindly go for this red saree. Partially transparent, this solid red saree with barely any blouse to it will give you the most sensuous appearance.

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This is yet another floral variation you can opt for. This is something extremely simple, plain and basic yet youthful.There is nothing too shimmery or big about this saree. You will be floral from head to toe with a sea green base. Cool. Isn’t it?

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Do we need to say more? Of course how could we miss this Bollywood ambassador of saree looks. This is another saree every girl went head over heels on. We have finally got it for you girl! Go grab this and slay your farewell appearance like a pro.

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In case you don’t want to let go off that traditionalism and ethnicity which follows a saree look and still look cool. We have this saree look for you. You don’t necessarily have to go all blingy-shingy to be traditional. This orange-yellow combination does it all. Moreover, the ethnically designed border does the rest of the trick.

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 Yellow is another option apart from the blue and red ones in case you want to go with plain, solid colors instead of patterns. This floral blouse complements amazingly well with the lightest saree shade and gives a refreshing appearance to the over all look.

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You just can’t miss out on whites and blacks when talking of sarees. But getting them right is the main challenge.This patterned white saree with a mirrored blouse does full justice to the “white saree look“. You just can’t do it better.Just don’t forget your favorite clutch and those earrings and you are good to go.

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Go multicolored in a classy way! In case you want to go for a multicolored option, instead of going colorful all over the place, we would rather suggest to keep this way. All the colors reflect on the blouse and the border, which gives a decent yet elegant appearance to the look.

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A plain black silk saree is another beautiful thing you can choose to wear on the last day. You don’t have to match colors. Everything goes just perfect with black.

So, that was all we could find for your last day at college. In case its your first day instead, you should better look at What to wear to college?  instead. Have a happy farewell. In case you too have some amazing looks to share, feel free to send them us over to gethatlook6332@gmail.com. Tell us how you found these through the comment section below.

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