We, at Gethatlook make sure that our customers are given the most correct knowledge of what they must expect from a product before a purchase and we deliver exactly that. Still somehow, there may be unfortunate situations which would demand a full refund and return of the product by the customer and we fully understand that.

We accept order returns in the following cases:

  • The Product is damaged by the time it reaches the customer.
  • The delivered product is not what was ordered by the customer. (the customer receives something apart from what they ordered. For example: you received a “red bridal lehenga” instead of a “yellow maxi dress” that you ordered )

**Kindly only mail us if any of the above is true**

If any of the above is true, feel free to mail us at gethatlook6332@gmail.com and someone will get in touch with you. We take a maximum of an hour to contact a return/refund customer.Mostly the contact is made instantly.

We will need a little help from you as well :

  • The return request must me made within 3 days of product delivery for successful returns to take place.
  • Kindly keep the product packed and unused until it is successfully returned.