What to wear to a party night?


And who doesn’t goes through that ever repeating every weekend story. And we can’t see you sing that “I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR” song on repeat mode every Friday night. After all, those are the only two days which own your entire life, the rest is literally so “Machined up”! You ought to look great and feel great leaving the wearing stress to us. You know, we have never let you down.

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So let’s see what all we have got for your party wear closet

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So it’s a house party at a close friend’s place and you just need to chill and be your comfortable best.You don’t necessarily  need to be in that “too glam” look. Put over this cool shrug over just about anything and you are good to go.

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And how can we not include this Saturday party anthem’s look in this list. This is so “thee party wear dress”. Do we really need to say anything as such?

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Cause you’re a bad bad girl!  😀 And who wasn’t drooling over this deepika’s look in Cocktail?? We all secretly so wanted to be this bad girl. You just need to put this short short dress on and walk like a pro. The rest will be taken care of. We bet you would very soon be needing our What to wear to your first date? article.

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Deepika padukone dresses buy online

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So you need something handy, simple and plain. Now this is something which can never go off trend or not in. You can wear it just about in any occasion. It’s a date, a birthday or even an office party , just go grab this black plain one piece from the closet and you are super sorted.

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We could literally see how your thoughtful eyes were insanely searching for this one while scrolling through others. We can’t miss out on the fact that how this look has been every desi girl’s “dream-come-true”. So we thought to just realize your dream this time. Go grab this and put the dance floor on fire.

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This is another shimmery outfit you can opt for while deciding on your party wear look. The shimmer above and the silk’s shine below makes it a “perfect party outfit” to choose. You can actually be the Cinderella of the house. Confidently leave  your shoe, cause you have someone to tell you what to wear to that date as well 😉

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**We are searching for the best party wear looks, they will be out soon**


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