What to wear to an office party?


An office party probably gives the most confusing “What to wear” dilemma. The reason is obvious, the words clash against each other obviously because office means, it needs to be formal and the party makes it less formal. So where do you go?? hmmmm.. We understand that stress girls and that is why we have found a middle ground for this one.

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So let’s get something for you to wear in that work party.

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A black formal skater dress is one option you can wear in an office party. It gives a perfect combination to wear in a workplace party. You can look amazing without being colorful and blingy.

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A black formal jumpsuit is another good choice to opt for an office party. First, it gives an appearance of a business suit. Second, despite this fact it is not entirely formal because it is inherently a jump suit.

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This one is an experiment you can do with your daily white formals. Just put on this floral blazer over your white formals and put on your favorite heels and the trick is done. The floral blazer gives it the much needed party appearance despite the fact that it’s just the blazer that is doing the trick.

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This is something you can wear on a working day as well. Not necessarily a party. Just to give it that little bling for a party appearance, instead of a normal daily formal white shirt, you can replace it with an embroidered neck around shirt. That’s it.

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This is a plain blue silk jump suit you can wear in an office party. It is classy, formal and decent. Just wear it with flats and you are sorted.

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This look converts the generic formal black and white colors to something more informal to be worn at a party. A white top tucked inside a fitted black skirt along with wedges or platforms can amazingly convert a formal appearance into an informal one. An antique neck around can just be the much needed icing on the cake.

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So you want it a bit quirky and creative here and there. We have everything. In case you are terribly bored of the same formals each day and want to shoo them entirely away on that party but formality is a key which should never be lost inside the workplace, You can go with this look.Because polkas come to rescue when you are stuck in the middle. A flair polka top with a striped fitted formal skirt is something which can fall exactly in the middle. Carry it with heels or flats and you are ready to go.

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This skinny black dress is the final option and probably the easiest one to choose for a formal party. Black has been and always will be formal in any form. There is nothing too bright about this color. So just grab this if it’s the “last moment decision” and keep it easy.

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