What to wear to a mehndi night?


mehndi outfitsMehndi is one of the most important pre-wedding rituals that happen in an indian wedding. Along with itself it brings up the stress of looking mehendi-specific. You must look like you are attending a mehendi function, bright and happy. The most generic mehndi outfits comprise of salwar-suits , mainly punjabi suits . Apart from these  there is a recent viral trend for skirt-suits and palazzo suits. The chosen colors for this occasion include bright red, orange or yellow as these hot colors contrast with the coolness of the mehendi.

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So lets begin exploring the best mehndi outfits. As always, we have researched for the best and the latest traditional attires which can comply with this category. However, if you are looking for an attire for the main day i.e the indian wedding dress  refer to the link (click indian wedding dress).

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This refreshing fluorescent green lehenga has almost taken internet by storm these days. We wished to incorporate this among our mehendi looks because of the fluorescence it carries, much reflective at an occasion like mehendi. A unique shade “yellow unfolding to green” makes it just perfect for a haldi or a mehendi.

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This latest vibrant crop top-lehenga worn by Anushka Sharma in her mehndi is going insanely viral across all possible internet platforms. That is the reason, it had to be on number one in terms of mehndi outfits. Moreover, the reason it is just so suitable for an occasion like mehndi and sangeet is its amalgamation of the most vibrant colors which can possibly be included in a mehndi/haldi occasion. The bright pink and yellow horizontals all over the lehenga combined with a floral crop top is just perfect to go with a handful of mehndi.

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What’s better than wearing the “mehndi color” on the mehndi day and specially something as traditional as a mehndi colored lehenga choli can turn out to be the most ideal choice for such an occasion. This mehndi colored lehenga choli with lehenga carrying a hint of banarasi touch in it can probably be the best look you can carry in case you want that perfect heavy traditional look.

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So you want a lehenga but you want it light because obviously the “wedding day” has got it too heavy. Don’t worry, we have that too. In case you want a lighter version but a lehenga still and for the mehndi, we have got this for you. A mehndi designed lehenga from top to toe is what you probably need then.

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And how can we miss “yellow”, when it comes to mehndi, haldi and sangeet. Yellow has got an aura of its own which shouts out loud “YES, ITS A MEHNDI”. This bright yellow net lehenga-choli looks, for sure, a “made for mehndi” outfit.

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This is another yellow lehenga you can opt for. If yellow is what you want, go choose between look-5 and look-6.

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What’s better than wearing the mehndi color itself on the mehndi day! The mehndi colored kurti along with a contrasting pink skirt justifies the occasion to the fullest, moreover you can also replace the skirt with a straight fit pant made from the same fabric . And as the picture speaks, there are no accessories required at all, the suit does all the magic.

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This Bright pink- orange lehenga oozes out “THE PERFECT MEHNDI LOOK” like no other outfit. Nothing should be said. The lehenga speaks itself.

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pink ethnic suit

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This sober pink-yellow suit is another good option we got while researching. Carry a pair of ethnic earings and you are all set for that mehndi night.

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Now this is something trendy! If you want to follow the current wind you should go by this. The uniqueness of this outfit, a shirt tucked into a lehenga has undoubtedly given a new definition to the word ‘ethnic’ in terms of traditional wear. Put this on and you can probably be the coolest bride ever on a mehndi.

That was all for our research regarding mehndi outfits. Besides, you can send your feedback or suggestions for improvements if you find some. Drop any responses for these looks at gethatlook6332@gmail.com. In case you have some more beautiful looks to share, we will be more than happy.


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