What to wear in pregnancy?


Scared of giving up on your entire style for the baby? You don’t necessarily have to compromise your looks all that while when the belly protrudes. Of course there are restrictions to choose from, but we want you to have equal number of options during this time as well. Like always we have came up with 10 looks for this occasion as well.

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So lets explore all possible maternity looks you can carry during that special time.

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And who else do you think could have given you inspirations for looks in this category. A simple off shoulder buttoned up dress can be an amazing choice for maternity wear. The cool light blue colored dress with small polka patterns is plain, simple and stylish.

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This is a black maxi dress you carry during the time. It’s flair and puffiness makes it capable to camouflage the belly efficiently without compromising on the style part.

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Black is the go to option whenever it comes to having a receding effect. Blacks are also in general used to give a slimmer appearance to the figure. So, a plain black A-lined one piece is also one good option you can go with for your maternity wear.

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You need to compulsorily have an ethnic option handy just in case you have to attend a wedding or any party which demands an ethnic look. You can go with a loosed up flared anarkali suit to wear in such an occasion.

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Another similar option you can choose is this loose royal blue maxi dress. Basically a lot of maxi dresses will keep you both covered and fashionable. Carry them with shoes or heels, whatever makes you comfortable and you are good to go.

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Worry not! We are not going to flood you with maxis’ inside out. You are still eligible to be your best fashionable self just like before. This side slit long dress gives you exactly that. Cause who says slim and skinny is equal to style. Style is in your brain, bring it out whenever you feel like.

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Now this is something you can wear while just being home, going for a walk, the supermarket. Basically carry this easy breezy loosed out dress while chilling. This off white floral dress gives you the much needed relaxation and ease which you would so much need during that time.

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Why not go for flared smooth gowns. This is something you can wear otherwise as well, instead for just keeping it as an option for maternity wear. So this is not one of those dresses which go out of the closet once the belly tucks back in. You can very much continue wearing this gown in all sorts of occasions including during pregnancy. So this one is worth going for 🙂

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Craving for a suit? We have everything. This is a simple loose patterned suit-palazzo you can choose to wear as well. Three words for this one “Simple, decent, Classy”.

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Cause we didn’t wanted to make you completely bereft of a short dress when you actually can have it. This is a super cute look you can very much carry while being on that phase. A loosed up one piece with a pair of sneakers is all you need to accomplish this cute looking appearance.

So that was all we could find for your big long nine months. In case you too have got some amazing maternity wear looks to share, send them over to us at gethatlook6332@gmail.com. Share your views on these looks in the comment section below and keep looking awesome.

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