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latest indian wedding dressesLooking for Indian bridal wear? Indian weddings are magical. Rightly said about the indian bride -“A girl in her entire lifetime, looks the most beautiful on her wedding day”! Having said that, it poses upon us at gethatlook a wholesome responsibility to personify the most beautiful looks. And when we say ‘most beautiful’, we have to mean it. We have been writing about ‘what to wear at different myriad occasions’ , but writing this was a big responsibility. Recommending looks for an indian bride for the biggest day of her life is big task ultimately.We have collected a list of the latest and the best indian wedding dresses for brides.

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So, lets begin solving the biggest what to wear problem so far.

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And who can’t guess! The latest one has to be the number one. What else can replace “The best bridal wear” possibly? This dreamy bridal outfit originally designed by Sabyasachi Mukherjee officially, speaks volumes in itself. The unique shades of pink used preferably to compliment the surroundings were just perfect.

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So here we move to the generic red shades for a bridal lehenga. This is something which can fulfill the conventional norm of wearing a red on the wedding and still look unconventional. The fact that despite the lehenga being embroidered from its core till eternity, the top remains plain, hence maintaining a decent equilibrium and giving it that much needed non- generic look.

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Do we need to say more? Absolutely no words for this one. This bridal lehenga worn by Anushka Sharma in ADHM has been one of those legendry outfits which has left girls drooling over since it has been out. This much awaited bridal outfit is finally out by us, so, wait no more 🙂

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indian bridal wear

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This beautiful pink golden bridal lehenga is another jaw dropping look we got. Of all the pinks we came across, this one was the most convincing. Not exactly the typical pink, but undoubtedly the most graceful of all its counterpart shades. A good mix of pomegranate and magenta shades.

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bridal lehenga

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This golden glittery bridal lehenga was the first look we got through during our research of indian bridal wear. The gold shimmer steals the whole show complimenting with the maroon border perfectly. The bride is sure to turn all heads towards her. This lehenga can be a choice if you don’t want to go with the conventional reds and maroons which are the primary colors for a typical indian bridal wear.

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bridal lehenga

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This comes from Sabyasachi latest spring couture collection 2017. The uniqueness lies in its parallel plates having different colors , more so different designs as well. A variety of ethnic colors and designs compiled in just one lehenga makes it stand out of others. There is a hint of the desi indian culture which oozes out of this piece specially. Despite the fact that others in this list are equally traditional.


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bridal maroon lehenga

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This is a beautiful maroon colored bridal lehenga, golden worked throughout. It gives the most unique appearance to the most generic bridal color, maroon.

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red lehenga

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The best way you can utilize a conventional red bridal lehenga is to get it this way. A full width golden shimmer at the bottom with a plain blood red lehenga is the best way you can justify that laal-joda at your big day.

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blue bridal lehenga

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Another prominent color for a bridal lehenga is no doubt this royal blue. Ofcourse its a royal day and we cannot miss out this royal king color. A mesmerizing combination of royal blue and golden gives a refreshing look to the bride if you do want to move out of the conventional reds and maroons.

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indian wedding dresses for bride

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This is a beautiful green-pink bridal lehenga, in case you want to go traditionally multicolored, this would be a perfect hit. It combines the brightest of the most ethnic colors in a amazingly beautiful manner. A bright green blouse combined with a bright pink lehenga having a royal blue border would definitely make the bride a colorful one.


So that was all we could manage to get for your wedding, We know, too less to choose from. But, they are the best ones till now. We will however continue to search indian wedding dresses for the bride further  if we get to fall in love with some others. Also, you can comment to tell us which ones you liked the best or not so best. You can send any suggestions for improvement at gethatlook6332@gmail.com.

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