What to wear in Goa?


goa dressA Goa trip with a gang of besties is one thing which happens once in a life time with everybody. If it hasn’t happened with you till now, plan it now and we bet you, it would be worth it. Coming to the point we talk of ,here at gethatlook, what to wear! Because you are travelling for fun, obviously there would be a hell lot of the pictures and selfie sessions and who doesn’t wants to look good. Let us ease it out for you to find a typical Goa dress

So, let us show you the research we have done to dig out the best dresses to wear in Goa for you.

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This cute summer wear is one you can wear at a place like Goa. Carry this light patterned dress with a shrug or an over-sized shirt and you are good to dance  by the side of the beach.


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This “knot it in the waist” off-shoulder top with that little-little skirt is another handy option to wear beside the beach. Just sit by the side and feel the breeze flowing in.

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This is another plain sea green option you can stuff in your Goa bag-pack. Wear it with your favorite boots if possible and your will be perfect.

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Another shorts pairing. A semi cold shoulder bohemian top with ripped shorts is another outfit we found suitable for a Goa holiday. Boho outfits go very well with places like beaches, specifically Goa. The main reason we let this pair in this list is that it is a perfect summer dress letting a lot of sun bath in, suits best for a place like Goa.

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A floral sun dress with strappy heels is another dress you can include in your Goa clothes. One thing which we would recommend while planning Goa outfits is that , make sure that the attire is breathy enough to let the breeze or even the sunshine in. Too clingy or closed dresses must be kept at bay. Ultimately, Goa’s pleasant weather is one of the things you are there for. So, don’t allow your attire to block you from experiencing it.

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A long wrap around slit skirt is another good option you can choose to wear in Goa. Weather you are sitting by the side, sun bathing or drenching wet in water, it would work any way.

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And we are back with shorts. This is a cute floral beach outfit you can wear at the trip. Have similar accessories and you are good to go.

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short top with shorts

You can go for a sporty look by this outfit. A mini sport Tee paired with denim shorts and sports shoes is all you need to get into a “play by the beach side” avatar.

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loose shirt with short dangri

And how can we forget dungarees while shorts are in the picture. This is a loose Tee tucked inside a short dungaree. Carry this with your favorite sports shoes and that’s it.

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boho outfit

This is another boho outfit you can take along. Enhance this up with some unique accessories and you will be just fine.

That was all we could find for dresses to wear in Goa. Do consider these Goa clothes and comment if you like them. Happy holiday! If you have something to say ,we welcome any suggestions at gethatlook6332@gmail.com.

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