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Got that dream job finally, but the stress of presenting your best self each day at work is nearly killing you! You would definitely be known by the work you do in your domain but being presentable is crucial, because, “you are seen before you are heard”. So, before you head straight into that responsible phase of your life, We at gethatlook are here to assist you with stacking your closet with the best formal wear so that you are not left wondering in front of the wardrobe each morning.

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So let’s begin exploring the best formal wear looks you can carry to your work.

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You are going to find a lot of black and whites in this article because obviously they are formal colors. You can wear this shirt with your favorite denim (if that’s allowed) along with block heels and your Monday is sorted. You can also pair up this shirt with a trouser(black recommended) just in case denims are prohibited in your work domain.

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The most conventional and generic formal option you can go for is probably a plain white shirt with a plain black trouser. However hard you try to bling up your formal wear, this old school work wear will never loose its spark. Either you can pair this up with a formal black skirt or a black formal trouser.(Buy the latter by clicking on the link).Grab a pair of black heels and you are done.

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Who says you can’t be all colorful and floral while going for work. We have got everything! Yes, you can be floral plus formal too with this colorful formal top paired up with a black trouser and flats. So for days when you want it a little more than boring whites and blacks, you have got this one.

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Now this is another quirky experiment you can do with the generic formal colors white and blue (the formal shades). Instead of a plain white shirt and a plain trouser, you can add a little flair to the shirt or make the collars look less formal also the trouser can be done less formal by adding a hint of puffiness making it more look like a less puffed harem pant. With that in place you can enhance your overall appearance with very much the same formal colors but with a pinch of difference.

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You thought that favorite bright color of yours is a big NO NO at work. Well, we oppose. Why not convert it into a full over all 3 piece business suit. You will have the most formal appearance even with the brightest shades of the brightest color orange. See for yourself.

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So should you be wearing that same monotonous white buttoned up shirt with every black and white look. Not necessarily! Why not have it closed like a tee without it looking like a tee by having those grey collars upon giving it the formal look. You can be experimental with the most generic formal appearances without the same “black and white” on repeat mode.

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Now this is the same “Look-1” with a slight variation. Scroll again. The same tie tied white shirt with a black trouser instead of a pair of jeans as in Look 1 can be equally amazing. Have it with heels and you are done.

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**We are looking for the best looks, they will be out soon.**

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