What to wear at your engagement?


Needless to say your engagement dress is going to be as important as your wedding dress. That is less and this is more is no justification. You would be seeing and showing those pictures till eternity. You have no reason to take this light when the stress is not even entirely on you. We have shared your load right from your first date till your wedding day. Why leave engagement in the middle? We will certainly not.

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So let us give you the best look you can carry on your engagement.

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We so knew you had this in mind already! And why will you not. This banarasi saree originally designed by “Sabyasachi Mukherjee” stole every girls heart the day it went up over the internet. One, because of its “The Indian woman” look it sprinkles from head to toe. Two, it breaks conventions of being all blingy-clingy on your special day.

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This was a bit obvious to come after the first look. Another in trend golden shimmery lehenga you probably were already obsessing over. Quite opposite from the first look, this is the conventional engagement look you carry on the day. This is something which can actually never expire or be out of trend even in a ten years time. So you can count on this even for the wedding day itself.

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Gowns too are one of the options people choose to wear on engagements. Possibly so when you are over-bored of being in “The ethnic avatar” for every single occasion ranging from all pre-wedding rituals to the wedding itself. But choosing the right engagement gown is crucial. You should just not be matching up with just about any guest wearing an ordinary gown. The bride has to be differentiated from others. You should be looking nothing less than that wonderland princess once you decide on wearing a gown. Nothing less. This pink puffy gown gives you all of that.

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This is another gown option you can choose if you wish to carry a gown on the day. You can go with this one if you choose to have a slight of glitter and shimmer to go with the gown. Also, the uniqueness of this shade(electric blue) makes it stand apart from other conventional colors when it comes to a gown.

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A bright shining saree is another option to wear on the engagement. The bright red and golden being the most traditional colors when it comes to wedding or pre-wedding rituals.

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This can be an option if you want to go with the old school lehenga look for your engagement. A simple generic hand embroidered lehenga can be your go to if you want to keep it ethnic in every function.

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Three words for this one: Fresh, young, decent! This youthful crop top-skirt has been a trendsetter since it has been carried on by “Meera Rajput” on her engagement. So you want to keep it cool and young, go for this one. Nothing going here and there, Nothing to handle, just wear it and walk like a princess.

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You want to keep it pink, but, not the “girls pink”! We get it. This one is a royal pink shade with hints of black here and there. A shiny glaze all over the gown’s body makes it “the bride’s gown”.

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**We are looking for the best looks, they will be out soon**

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