What to wear on a first date?


Looking for dresses for first date? “first impression is the last impression” rightly said, more so if its the first date. First dates are exciting but you would definitely not want to mess up the excitement by wearing the wrong dress. No doubt, you both do want to know each other well but “your eyes see before your mouths speak” and so for him. It is equally important to give a good visual to him to make it easy for him to break the ice.

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So here we go, exploring the best dresses for first date for you to be the best version of yourself on that special day.

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Whites, Blacks and Reds have been ready go-to’s for every date ever. A plain rough white mini is thus we chose as the first date look. No matter if it’s an evening date to a nearby restaurant or dinner to that fancy place, just hold on to this one and you will be amazing.

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So it’s a movie date or a small walk to the park and you can’t be dressing yourself up with all that shine and glitter. Plain, raw and comfortable that’s all you are looking for but does that mean you have to put on your PJ’s to be able to have that. Absolutely not. With this super cute printed one piece you can be all of that and still manage to look amazing. Just put on a pair of your cutest favorite shoes and you are good to go.

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It’s a date. How can it not count on a super hot red dress. But wait, you don’t want to be too much revealing on the first meet.It might be too pushy and may freak him out. But you have to be red, that date you have been arranging since over a decade with your crush can’t go on with anything less than a red dress. We have your back, yes, you can be red and be decent both at the same time. Just pick on this short red dress and you will just be on the right path.

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A morning breakfast date is a rare possibility but demands a mild attire. You can’t go glittery, shiny, rock and roll  right in the morning but that should not make you any less either. For a milder yet beautiful version, you can opt for this mud colored one piece along with a pair of block heels. A no make-up appearance combined with this plain mud clad look will boost your appearance.

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ethnic kurti with earings

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If you like ethnic more than western or if you are more of a typical kurti girl struggling to move beyond it, you dont need to. This is probably the perfect fit for you. All you need is a set of metal bangles and ethnic earrings and leave those tresses loose. That’s it.

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simple suit for date

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This is a simple baby pink suit. In case if it is a after work-day date wherein you cannot accessorize yourself too much, this can be your go to. You don’t need any accessories. Wear this suit with a pair of jutties or flats and you will be just fine.

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Another red dress you can incorporate in your date wardrobe is this. A picture says a thousand words. See for yourself how you are going to look on your first date. A club party or a lavish dinner, you have an attire for both.

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And how can we miss a little black dress for your first date. Black dresses are typical choices when you have absolutely nothing to wear. A hasty “what to wear” confusion mostly ends up with a black dress. The biggest advantage of keeping a permanent black dress handy in your closet every time is that, they mostly go with every possible occasion, unless of course the occasion demands ethnic. You can wear this dress to the movies, a club party, an office party, and yes your first date, just about anywhere.

That was all we could find to include in this list of dresses for first date . Comment your opinions on this list and if you have some great looks to offer, you can mail them to gethatlook6332@gmail.com or inbox us on our facebook page. We would be more than happy to have some more great ideas to be included in this list.

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