What to wear daily?


girl thinking what to wearSpecial days do leave us with a stress of looking great but does that mean you are not supposed to look great at home, in your room or while just casual chilling. Of course you must look your possible best every time irrespective of where you are. That’s what we do at Gethatlook , to help you look your imaginable best. Because we understand how annoying it is to sit in front of your closet everyday before shower and deciding from a messed up collection.

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Who says there is nobody looking while you are alone, you are looking 😉 and you are important. So scroll ahead to see the best daily wear options you can carry while not doing anything!

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This off-white kurta-palazzo is something you can wear at home, daily, to the supermarket next door or absolutely anywhere(Unless of course the occasion isn’t too fancy).Carry it with flats and you are completely sorted and done.

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This jaipuri summer kurti is a great option you can carry casually. You can even opt it in to wear to your college. However you can refer to What to wear to the college? to have a look at more targeted options. You can choose to pair this up with a pair of jeans or leggings whatever suits you and enjoy the ‘desi girl‘ version of you.

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We found a lot of white options while researching for something casual to wear. White itself reflects a sense of relaxation and peace which makes it a good option for daily wear dresses. This white kurti with palazzo is a good option you can wear on a Sunday at home. The long blue patterned shrug along with the suit gives it that much needed extra points to enhance the over all appearance.

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This is another white based option you can choose to wear casually. This beautifully patterned kurta with patterned palazzo is simple yet elegant.The fancy colorful tassels on the side slits make this go even beyond the casual zone if you want.

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Now this is again something a bit out of just the casual zone. You can very well step out carrying these looks. This floral kurta combined with a hint of electric blue gives grace and youth to the entire outfit.

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This is another white option but with a slight difference. The shimmery white fabric accompanied with a royal hand embroidered neck brings out the royalty it oozes out. Moreover, the side slits with consistent shimmer border provides it a good mix of richness and class.

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And how can we forget black. Because black is best, black is bae 😉 which get us our look number 7 in the casual category. A black and white amalgamation with a stripe of pink border and you are good to go.

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So finally and finally we could actually get out of the whites and the blacks but smart still. This navy blue colored kurta cum shirt (because of the collared, buttoned front look) is a simple go-to in case you have “nothing to wear”, because this is very much there. Just top it up with a pair of jeans, and just about any jeans you have in the closet and this would be perfect.

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