What to wear to College?


Finding college dresses for students in india?? Starting out for college?That’s a huge responsibility, of course for those higher studies but equally more so to decide on your look. No, your look doesn’t decide your over all personality but they do give you a lot more confidence at least, specially the first week, which is the most important to make that first impression. So, stop grumbling over that every girl’s epic question every morning “what to wear..!!”. We have researched the best looks from all over the internet to answer this question of yours to the best we could have. Scroll down to see what all you can wear!

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So let’s begin to explore the top 10 best college dresses for students in india.

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college wearing kurti

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What if you start out with this indo-western look, a long slit bandhej kurti with ripped jeans and those sneakers. Just carry some antique neck around and you are done (Can go even without it). Looks just so damn cool!

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ethnic college look

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Now this is something really ethnic. In case you want to have that typical desi girl look without going “not cool”(Obviously you are not going to a wedding).  You can opt for this look. Also, the colors in the kurti complement just so well. Just carry a pair of ethnic earrings with this kurti and that’s it. Easy!

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College wear

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Now this look is something both cute and formal. A florescent shirt with a skater skirt is all you need to have a “student” look and still look amazing. Just don’t forget those sneakers and you are ready for that fresh college start.

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College dress

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This is another formal student look you can flaunt at the college. A long checker shirt cum kurti with ripped jeans and formal footwears. That’s what you call both descent and fashionable.

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college midi

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Cute and sassy! Two words for this look. An easy one piece, a wrapped shrug and flats.You can carry this when you literally fall in that “nothing to wear” trap and there is not even enough time to sit, cry and contemplate, forget shopping. An optional floral neck around would do just some more, but you can surely opt out, the rest would also be just fine.

Look 6 of 10

college kurti with denim shorts

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This is a casual look consisting a formal short kurti accompanied with denim shorts. Carry this look with a pair of casual heels or flats and hang your college bag by the side and.. Cool. Isn’t it.

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college winter dress

Winters?? No worry, we have everything in store. Just wear this white pullover, a neck scarf would do just good and a printed denim. Why let winters steal your looks!

Look 8 of 10

college denim

You don’t always have to think too hard or go too far to figure out your clothes while studying. On some rare days you can always catch this evergreen loose T-shirt, tuck it inside a ripped jeans, tie your laces and go with the flow.

Look 9 to 10

**We are researching for the best looks, they will be out soon. Trust us, the result would be worth the wait.**

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